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To explore the ambiguous relationships between knowledge and care is the process in which Pau Catà blends his artistic, curatorial and research practices. Scaling them down into everydayness, he intertwines an interest in epistemology with an inclination towards amateurship. Due to a tendency to hypermobility and to play devil’s advocate, he often falls in dislocation, a condition that is translated into visual essays and creative prose.

Sharing and working with others is an important component in his curatorial practice. To work collaboratively has been the aim behind the foundation in 2009 of CeRCCa_Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles, a space that has hosted more than 100 artists, thinkers and activist knitting a net of fruitful complicities.

Despite current discourses, accademia has enhanced experimentation and engagement in his work. Combined with a disposition to test his learnings, this intellectual framework has been fundamental to challenge and reflect upon a practice that encompasses grassroots creative activism, academic texts and conversations.