The different projects presented within this mediascape have been developed through several residencies at MoTa (Ljubljana), maumau (Istanbul), Le18 (Marrakech), Les Glycines (Algiers), L'Art Rue (Tunis) and Gudarn/El Madina (Alexandria) and thanks to the support of OSIC - Organisme de Suport a les Iniciatives Culturals, ECF - European Cultural Foundation, RCF - Roberto Cimetta Fund, ALF - Anna Lindh Foundation, South Med CV - Med Culture, SGSAH - Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities, ECA - Edinburgh College of Art, Tandem – Mit Ost, Ministerio de Cultura de España, EYE - Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs, Arts Council Malta and the British Council. The cartography you are about to explore has been created by Balbina Sardà. Thanks to all!