Accessibility to portable technology to capture and edit visual material and an impulse to document everydayness in a low-tech and amateur fashion are the key conditions in the making of most of the visual essays presented here. These video exercises function as a way to reflect upon loneliness and dislocation, to intuitively investigate into the realities and atmospheres I encounter in my journeys or as a method to support my writings.

They can be either contributions to collaborative projects - The lonely flaneur and Nostalgia (Gudran, Alexandria) and On the traces of Abraskil (maumau, Sukumi) - added outcomes of a residency - Ottoman chronicles (maumau, Istanbul), Prometej (MoTa, Ljubljana) or The impossibility of perception (Kibrit, Southern Morocco desert) - or simply fragments of a process of healing through remembrance - My tales from Misr (Egypt), al-Maghrib diary (Morocco), Coming back from the North (conference trips to Quebec City, Montreal, London and Glasgow) and A Winter Ritual (Llorenç del Penedes).